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This is something I did a couple months ago and forgot to upload. I was trying to do a project around the book The Thief of Always. The house in the book changes seasons throughout the day, summer mornings, spring days, fall evenings and winter nights. 
I want to update more.. but its hard. 
Quick Paint of a sunset view.. from my bathroom window. 
Monsters Lineup for an animated musical short about counting that I just finished recently. First time I really animated in Flash.
This is the cover of a zine? I’m doing for Eastside Zine Market.. I have a question mark because I don’t really … know what a zine is and if what I make qualifies? I’ll post it up when… i finish making it and printing it. 
King of Pentacles
For Kristen Woo’s Tarot Card Project. 
I haven’t updated recently so I wanted to post something I’ve been working on. Here is a cover of something I did for my freelance.
More backgrounds from my student film. It’s a pan from fall to winter.
The Landlady by Roald Dahl
This is the scene where Billy Weaver is enticed to stay in the seemingly warm and hospitable inn.